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ONE Beauty Brands – NiiMD | ONE Beauty Academy | Alberta Academy of Aesthetics – Calgary presents a competition challenging all beauty enthusiasts, makeup lovers, and hair artisans to participate in MAKE UP COMBAT!

Battle in Full Body Paint/Airbrush
Design a Creature in our Prosthetics Division
$500 ONE Shop Gift Card
A chance to take our Masters Makeup Artistry Diploma *$21,125
(only to approved winners)
1st Place : Photoshoot with a professional photographer and $100 Gift Card from Bleeding Art Industries (per division)
2nd Place : Receive a portfolio book
for details email:

Application for Makeup Combat – Paint and Prosthetics – Competition – December 17th 2016

Please submit the following to :



Phone number

Division applying for – Paint / Airbrush or Prosthetics

Reason for applying

Background of Makeup

Previous school or courses attended


Please submit 3 photos of your best makeup work


Should you be chosen to participate in Makeup Combat – Paint and Prosthetics

You understand, acknowledge, and agree that upon submission of this application you will abide by and adhere to the rules of Makeup CombatPaint and Prosthetics outlined below:


Final date and time for application and submission – Dec 10th 2016 at 23:59

Applications received after this time will not be read or reviewed.


  • Models will be supplied by the artist
  • All makeup will be completed within the 3 hour time limit
  • Makeup will be supplied by the artist
  • Prosthetics will be supplied by ONE Beauty Academy
  • Judging will be scored out of 10 points per category in each division with anadditional score out of 5 for overall look including hair, wardrobe and props.Please refer to the breakdown of the scouring categories document.
  • The artist will apply all makeup without any assistance
  • Appropriate language and behavior of both the artist and model is required
  • The Model must be wearing undergarments and have any nipples covered – nonudity allowed.
  • Upon completion of the competition the Artist is required to clean up theirworkspace and sign out before leaving.
  • The winner of the Division will claim their prize that evening of the event.
  • The 1st and 2nd place winner will receive a photo shoot of their model the eveningof the event.
  • The 1st place winner will be awarded an interview, that evening of the event,about their experience and this will be posted on various social media.
  • The model and Artist will sign a photo release form the day of the event prior tothe competition beginning.
  • The event will start Dec 17th 2016 at 3:00pm and the competition will begin at 4:00pm with brushes down at 7:00pm with the event ending at 8:00pm for thepublic. Removal and cleanup will proceed after the presentation of the makeups.
  • Artists will be allowed to set up their workstations between 1:00pm and 3:30pmon the day if the competition.
  • Each Artist is required to wear all black clothing
  • Each Artist station will be limited to an exact measurement of space restrictions.
  • The Competition is open to general public and students with approval of 3makeup photos and application form
  • Models must arrive with no makeup on prior to the competition beginning.
  • Hair, wardrobe and props can be done in advance of competition.
  • Models will be required to be at the event location of ONE Beauty Academy nolater then 3:00 pm on the event date.
  • Models will be required to have a ‘before photo’ taken between 3:00-3:30.
  • A general Theme Winter-Festivus has been chosen for this event and makeups will need to be based off of this.

All rules must be complied by Artist and Model – in the event of failing to do so the Artist can be disqualified from the competition. 

Many Thanks to our Sponsors


MUFE ONE Beauty Academy Calgary